This year challenge – Get closer to people

aprile 7, 2012

I was recently reviewing my shots, back from 2007 until now, and I noticed something: little by little human presence was fading. (you can see it in the archive of this blog) When I started living in Japan in 2007 everything was so new to me, so was people, that I just couldn`t stop shooting… lots of people shots, mostly useless, mostly colour.
When I reached 2011 archive, suddenly everything was B/W, and people almost disappeared: I think this happened for some reasons.

*I started a project about japanese shrines in BW, wich took me to shoot at places and times where not so much people is around.
*I started to feel at home in Tokyo, so what was strange at first became normal, so it was the people. I think this made me bored.
*I didn`t want to shoot without an idea, a project, and in that moment I didn`t have any project involving people.
*I think I felt shy and guilty, in a way, shooting people without asking for their permission.

This approach changed recently, when I started to follow other photographers blog, expecially street photographers. I got particularly interested in Eric Kim and Thomas Leuthard way of shooting, and decided to try and get closer to people myself.

I have to say it was quite difficult at first, as I felt somehow I was stealing something from them. I also got a strange feeling, as I was walking out from my “safety zone” and doing something new.

But little by little I started to feel more comfortable doing it, and I suddenly realized I quite like it.On top of that, my images started to get more heart, more life.

To actually become invisible, enter an on-going situation, portrait it, and go out without being noticed, without changing it, is quite an emotion. Yet I still feel that maybe being a part of the situation can be better than just watch it and portrait it.

I will try to become more visible, talk with the people I portrait, care more about them, and see if this gives even more life to the pictures. In the end there`s not right or wrong in the so-called “street photography”, I think, what is really important is to portrait our time, the everyday life, in the best way we can.

Thanks for stopping by.



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