Nishi Shinjuku, Tokyo

febbraio 11, 2013

Nishi Shinjuku, Tokyo, inserito originariamente da Francesco Libassi.



novembre 2, 2012

Sakura, inserito originariamente da Francesco Libassi.


ottobre 25, 2012

Dancer, inserito originariamente da Francesco Libassi.

Koenji Awaodori

ottobre 19, 2012

Koenji Awaodori, inserito originariamente da Francesco Libassi.

Don’t Shoot!

ottobre 17, 2012

Don’t Shoot!, inserito originariamente da Francesco Libassi.

Before the Dance

ottobre 15, 2012

Before the Dance, inserito originariamente da Francesco Libassi.

Running to the light

maggio 30, 2012

Running to the light, inserito originariamente da Francesco Libassi.

Golden Week Events

maggio 9, 2012

It`s been a while since my last post: I had a lot of stuff to do and couldn`t manage to sit down and write. So, to apologize, I put together some of the pics I took during the Golden Week in Tokyo.

Golden Week is a term applied to the week starting on 29th of April until 5th of May, and it contains several japanese national holidays, like the Emperor`s birthday on 4/29, the Constitution Memorial Day on 5/3 and the Children`s Day on 5/5. During this week a lot of events and celebrations occur all over the country, and especially in Tokyo.
This year Golden week was a rainy one, we got storms and strong wind until the 5th and 6th of May weekend, yet I have a chance to partecipate in some events and take some snaps.

Inokashira Park Art Market

Inokashira Park is a really big and beautiful park located near Kichijouji station in Tokyo. There`s a beautiful lake, lots of green and cherry trees, and also a pretty famous zoo. I was there on 5/5 in the morning to shoot an Art & Crafts Market that is held every year. There were a lot of handmade goods, paintings, street performers and musicians: Tokyo is great for this kind of things…and off course it was free!

“Koinobori” at Tokyo Tower

Koinobori means “carp streamer” in Japanese; are carp-shaped wind socks traditionally flown in Japan to celebrate  Children’s Day on 5/5. This year I was able to go to Tokyo Tower and attend the koinobori event that was held there. Wind socks floating in the wind, and the Tokyo Tower, until now the most recognizable symbol of Tokyo, in the background made a great “japanese” composition.

Anti Nuclear Demo around Tokyo Tower

On my way back to the station from the Tokyo Tower I walked into an anti nuclear demo, and took the chance to take some shots. There were so many people, and they had such an energy, that I ended up shooting more than 100 pics! After 3/11 and the accident at Fukushima reactor, a lot of Japanese started to protest against the use of nuclear energy, cheap but dangerous if not well controlled. This protests, together with the problems that everyone in Japan is facing after the Fukushima leak out, brang to a big turn in the Japanese attitude towards nuclear energy, and last week the last active reactor in Japan, located in Hokkaido, was shut down.

2012 Oktoberfest in Odaiba

On 5/6 I was able to attend and shoot at Odaiba Oktoberfest 2012. It was a good way to have some good beer from Germany and to have a lot of fun shooting. Oktoberfest is held in Japan for some years now, in different locations, like Yokohama or Hibiya park, but I thought Odaiba was the perfect choice: German beer, food and live bands made me almost forget I was in Tokyo, until I watched up and saw a big 1:1 size Gundam statue next to me!

How did you spend your Golden Week? Let me know! And thanks for stopping by!


あなたはレストラン・オーナー又はオーナーシェフですか?もしそうなら、美味しい物を提供するには、料理を作ることだけでは足りないことをご存知で しょう。素晴らしい物にはそれを更に引き立てる素晴らしいイメージが必要です:お皿、テーブルクロス、店内で流れる音楽と同じように、メニュー、ショップ カード、ホームページ等で視覚的に顧客を惹きつけることが大切です。そのイメージを作るのが写真です。私は何年にも渡る日本での飲食業界での経験から、料 理人がどれだけの努力と愛情を込めてひと皿を作るのかを知っています。そして、その努力と愛情を写真で多くの人に広めたいと思います。料理写真や店内写 真、スタッフ・ポートレート、メニューやショップカード等の写真までご用意出来ます。写真だけではなく、ホームページ、ショップカード、パンフレット等の 作成まで色々なサービスをご提供します。

Are you a restaurant owner or a chef? If so, you know that most of the times a tasty dish just is not enough. A good meal is nothing without a good presentation: as for the plate, the table cloth, or the background music in your restaurant, same goes for the menu, the shop cards or the website. These days you HAVE to be on the internet to promote your business; and what shows a good dish better than a gorgeous picture?

I have worked in the food industry in Japan for years, and I know how much effort and love a chef puts into making a tasty meal, and I strive to show his/her effort to everyone, to make that dish pop out from the page, or from the web. I can provide food shots, interior shots of your restaurant, staff portraits, and pictures for your menus, website or shop card. You need more? Just ask! I can build your website, design your shop cards or your pamphlets, or help you with the menu design.
See some sample shots HERE and HERE and CONTACT ME putting “RESTAURANT” in mail subject: I will get back to you in no time!